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527F CNC Control

CNC Control
• Installs in legacy Fadal 88 and 88HS in minutes
• Embedded platform with multi-processor technology
• Improved block processing and ramp control for 2x- 3x improvment in cycle time
• G code compatible with legacy Fadal CNC's
• Ethernet Port
• Program library storage – 8GB
• Uses existing wiring and cable harnesses, minimal installation time
• Familiar look and feel, no training required to operate
• USB interface for file upload and download
• AC and DC machine compatibility

527F CNC

Retrofit control for legacy Fadal CNC's

$ 7,995.00 Add
Product Description

The 527F control is a full-featured digital control engineered with easy to use command line prompts for quick set-up and flexible operation. The form factor of the hardware is designed to replace the legacy CNC 88 family used in Fadal Maching Centers * and is a drop in retrofit control with next to no installation required.  Based on an embedded platform and multi-processor core, the 527F uses a parallel processing control architecture to ensure the fastest control loop updates possible without the burden of an operating system. The 527F fits in the same card cage as the CNC88 family and uses the same wiring harnesses for connection to the amplifiers, encoders, spindle drive,... The replacement to remove the legacy cards and replace with new is less than 10 minutes. The backplane is used for power and ground only. Communication between the cards is done with CAT5 connectors that are easily installed across the front of the card set. The mill interface card remains in the card cage, all other cards are removed and replaced. The 527F requires a VGA monitor, older CRT monitors using NTSC input must be upgraded to take advantage of the screen design.

Operator Interface
A familiar look and feel allows operators to use the 527F without training so that a machine can be put into service immediately. The existing keyboard, jog wheel and selector switches are used which allows operators to use the same procedure to set up jobs as well as run / edit programs.

Axis Control
Each axis of the 527F is controlled independently with a 32 bit DSP (Digital Signal Processor) and communicates with the master host controller via a high speed industrial bus. Eliminating the backplane bottleneck of the legacy CNC88 allows for faster communication than was previously possible with an S100 bus. The parallel processing of the axis cards offloads the main CPU from the computational and control requirements of each axis and guarantees real time control without time slicing the main CPU for position and velocity control. This results in better accuracies and ramp control than previously possible.

Network and Memory
The control provides both new and experienced users with a number of set-up features to aid the operator in getting the machine running quickly and efficiently. In particular, the 527F features a powerful and flexible memory system for CNC file management. Ethernet connection and USB memory interface are standard, which allows multiple ways for an operator to load and save files. Wireless capability can be easily added with commercially available wireless routers. Connection to a central server allows the operator to access NC files remotely on a network from the CNC without requiring any special network hardware or software.

A Calmotion Dual PC Controller is available as a hardware replacement for the 32MP control used on machines made by Fadal.

* Fadal is a registered trade mark of Fadal Machining Centers

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