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USB cable for Fanuc CNC's

  • Powers all Calmotion USB variants from Fanuc serial port
  • Calmotion unit grounded at same potential as serial port which minimized ground noise
  • LED version. To be used only with USB controllers with embedded LED's.
  • 14 foot version


Custom cable for Fanuc CNC's with LED, 14 feet

$ 36.00 Add
Product Description

This custom cable sources votlage provided on pin 25 of Fanuc CNC's to power universal versions of USB to CNC controllers by Calmotion. This cable ensures that the power supply of the Calmotion USB controller is exactly at the same potential as the Fanuc serial port which increases the reliability of serial transmision. When used with a portable USBCNC, the operator does need the external power supply connected to an outlet or extention cord. This cable is also usefull for installers who can use the cable instead of finding power inside the control cabinet for pendant mounted USB controllers.

IMPORTANT: The RJ45 connection on older Calmotion USB boards is different from current models. Identification can be determined by looking at the connector. Newer versions are identified by a connector with LED in them. Older version do not have an LED embedded within the RJ45 connector. Using the wrong custom cable can damage the USB controller beyond repair. Ensure that the proper version of cable and connector are used.

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