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Ethernet to CNC
Product Description

The LANCNC-BC universal barcode interface automates file transfer to any machine tool that accepts G codes via a serial port. Most commonly, it is used in conjunction with the networking capability of the control to load files from a server anywhere on the network. Files of up to 8 GB can be imported from a server or cloud storage location. The operator simply scans a bar code sheet for a specified job and the LANCNC-BC will select a file stored on the local SD card or pull from a server location. This prevents an operator from accidentally using an unintended file.

The LANCNC-BC acts as a remote ftp server on a network. It includes a wired ethernet connection as standard. Wireless connectivity can be added by using a low cost wireless access point.

G code files can be transferred to the LANCNC-BC manually using drag and drop. The operator can then send a file specified by a bar code from the copy on the SD card of the LANCNC-BC. In the case of network outage, the SD card can be removed and a G code file can be transferred at a PC using an SD card adapter. The SD card is then re-inserted into the LANCNC-BC where it can be read and sent by the bar code scanner.

Alternatively, a file path can be stored on the SD card of the LANCNC-BC which will direct the LANCNC-BC to search files on the network. Upon reading a bar code with file name information, the LANCNC-BC will search that directory and send the file read by the bar code scanner.

The LANCNC-BC interfaces with most RS-232 bar code scanners (not included) . An optional panel mounted display is available, but is not required for operation.

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