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USB Indexer

CNC Control
• Installs in minutes
• Industry standard m code wiring
• Accepts serial input commands for positioning
• G code compatible
• Capable of loading, storing or drip feeding files from USB key
• Accepts USB keys of any size
• Easily adds semi-4th capability to any machine tool

USB Indexer

USB indexer with M fucntion control. Interfaces to any CNC with M codes. USB built in to upload/down or DNC progams in conjunction with indexed moves.

$ 2,395.00 Add
Product Description

The Calmotion USB Indexer system features a USB interface that provides a fast and simple way to add a semi-4th axis to any CNC or run as a stand alone indexer. Capable of running a single program, the USB indexer executes indexed moves and sends non-rotary data machine data via DNC. In DNC mode, the USB Indexer automatically inserts and sends M function data to the CNC eliminating the user from having to insert them in a program and/or write custom print statements. This eliminates the need to write and coordinate multiple programs between an indexer and a CNC. With almost unlimited memory, the complexity of sub-routines, line repeat, sub-program calls, and nesting can be avoided. Even with applications that do not need a rotary table, the USB indexer is useful to load, save and DNC large programs to almost any CNC with a serial port.
Individual serial settings can be saved for quick and easy connection to any number of machines. A menu driven interface with function keys allows easy operation for program entry and other control editing functions. The USB Indexer can be programmed from the front panel to rotate the spindle in either direction in step sizes from 0.001˚ to 30,000˚.

Operator Interface
The interfaces uses a simple menu system for indexer set up as well as operation. Programs can be entered manually or quickly loaded into USB Indexer memory via USB flash key.

We offer a wide variety of motor sizes and matching cable sets that can be used in combination with the USB indexer. Please contact us for more information.

User Manual

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