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• USB directory listing
• DNC (drip feed) operation with single button repeat operation
• Tape input for file loading into CNC memory
• Punch CNC memory file to USB key
• Baud rate configurable
• Data bit, parity and stop bit configurable
• Hardware and software flow control
• XMODEM capable
• End of block character control
• Optional end of block delay
• Start of transmission character
• End of transmission character
• 4 line LCD display with adjustable backlight for easy viewing
• Industrial rated keypad and display


The USBCNC-SW control is a pendant mounted USB interface that automatically switches between USB flash memory and an external serial port on any CNC

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Product Description

The universal pendant mount USBCNC-SW allows for easy upload and download of CNC g code files to just about any control. DNC functionality is built in for programs that exceed the internal memory size of a machine tool. The USBCNC-SW features automatic electronic switch box functionality. One of the RS-232 ports connects the CNC’s serial port in stand by mode. The USBCNC-SW does not interfere with serial communication with the PC and the CNC’s serial port.

When the USB functionality is activated by using the keypad, the USBCNC-SW switches off that connection and communicates to the CNC with files on a USB flask disk. Once complete, control is transferred automatically back to the PC connection. This features is useful for applications in which a CNC can have connection to a PC or a Calmotion USB controller.

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$ 525.00 Add
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